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What are the main problems children face?

Sadly, there are a number of difficulties children in poverty face every single day. Whether they will eat dinner tonight, or go to school tomorrow, they just don’t know. 

Children often go without food or water

Medical care & supplies are rarely available

Parents are incapable due to illness & jobs

Kids miss out on school due to costs

Mosquito bites could mean aids or malaria

By donating, you give them a chance. One shot is all they need. 

Some of our volunteers in action


Inspired by a lost boy from India, was created to ensure no child goes through life without the support they need.

This website is the result of a life long learning journey. Founder Michael Charalambous was lost. In the midst of depression, he needed a change, a reason to be. He wanted to live a life of purpose and meaning – the first step was to find that purpose. was created. Read the full story here >

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