BC Bright Course Foundation, Indonesia

Location: Central Lombok Regency, Lombok, Indonesia

About the school

Originally designed to help underprivileged children who can’t afford school, it’s remained true to its roots while adding on the ability to put older students into jobs upon completing their course!

The school is a family home-transformed-school with 50-100 students, ranging from 4-25 years old. They are split into three types of classes all based around English; with the addition of Tourism & Hospitality. Most of the children at the school are especially underprivileged, orphans or simply cannot afford an education. Many of the children at this school are on the site up for sponsorship. At any given time, they have 10-30 children living at the school full-time too.

Unfortunately, many parents can’t afford the school and cash-flow is a big problem; some children are educated for months free of charge. While the aim of the school is to be completely free, this is impossible until revenue picks up from other avenues; which you can learn about on their website here: www.brightcoursefoundation.com

Why does the school need funding?

There are many reasons a school needs funding, however, this school in particular is simply trying to improve it’s building (half built), ensure the family who run the school are not suffering, and more:

1) Building

This project requires a total of £6,500. The school had one building previously, but due to legal reasons they have been forced off of their own land! They have found new land, built one building and now need a further £6,500 to build the next three. Currently, they do not have enough space to accommodate the amount of children wishing to learn. One will house students who live there, one is a classroom, and the last is their job-training practice room.

2) Teacher & family salary

This project requires £1,000 per month. Every class is taught by Mr Tony, who founded the school. He, his wife (who also have 4 children) gave up everything to build and run this school. They even live in a small bamboo hut outside the school building, sacrificing themselves in order that their students will have every penny. All money they generate is reinvested into the school. By contributing to this fund, you ensure their family can continue to grow and run the school, not suffer themselves, and ensure no child goes without a days schooling.

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What are the challenges our school faces?

Sadly, there are a number of difficulties schools face every single day. It’s one thing to get the school built in the first place, it’s another to ensure it functions properly and safely for its students.

If in any given month we’re not funded properly, our issues can include: 

Not enough food or water for the children

Lack of medical care & supplies for accidents

Staff & teachers cannot be paid, often leaving

Kids miss out on classes, subjects & equipment

We don't have proper toilets or sanitary utensils

By donating, the school can build, plan ahead of time for resources and ensure all teachers are paid time; keeping the kids happy, healthy and educated.