What we believe.

Give our children a chance today, and we’ll all benefit from a better tomorrow.

Sheru; derived from Hindi, meaning Lion.


Our story

Inspired by a lost boy from India, Sheru.org was created to ensure no child goes through life without the support they need.

This website is the result of a life long learning journey. Founder Michael Charalambous was lost. In the midst of depression, he needed a change, a reason to be. He wanted to live a life of purpose and meaning – the first step was to find that purpose.

He decided to venture out and see what the natural world had to offer. As many do at 24 years old, he learned a lot of valuable lessons; that moments are best shared, that everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that our planet is our responsibility.

I learned the simplest and most valuable lesson of all –  ‘It’s not about you.’

I’d been away from London, travelling the world for less than a year when I first watched a film entitled Lion – a true story centred around a lost, orphaned Indian boy who eventually finds home. This sparked a life-changing moment for me, the desire to adopt.

Did you know over 80,000 children go missing in India every year?

Upon returning to England, I had two missions. 1) Build a business that would fund a life dedicated to selflessness. 2) Figure out how to change the world for good.

Sheru.org was created.

Mikey Charalambous


Michael is the Founder & CEO of Sheru.org and Partner & Co-founder of Kinetic Investments. With over a decade of experience creating and managing online businesses, Michael is a digital marketing expert and provides vision for the team.

Johanna Grytberg

Volunteer & Administration

Johanna is Mikey’s girlfriend and partner in their pursuit for purpose in life. An open minded, well-travelled adventurer, fantastic with kids; Johanna is primed for a life of volunteering helping the little ones. Fun fact; she brings the best out of them for the photos.

Nathan Merry

Volunteer & Webmaster

Nathan is our first Volunteer & Webmaster. A life-long friend of Mikey who is finding his own path towards helping. He regularly supports charitable activities in his hometown, London, and was the first ever sponsor for our children in need.

The values that drive us

Helping matters

It’s common  to hear “Well what can I do? Someone else will do it”. They won’t. It matters to help, and the knock-on effect is exponential.

We're stronger together

A typical westerner lives today in isolation. Everybody, not some, everybody needs other people to help and support them. 

Now is always the time

If you always choose tomorrow, eventually it won’t be an option. We must start today. Now isn’t just the time, it’s always the time. 

Choose love

Every decision you make and every word you speak is fuelled by a fundamental drive; love or fear. We choose love. 

Man in the mirror

For many of us, the charitable journey starts with looking in the mirror. Ask yourself, what can I do to help? Small or big – it starts with you.

It's not your fault, it is our fault

No one person caused the world’s issues – an involuntary collective effort landed us here. And only a voluntary collective effort will move us along.

Our mission is to consolidate & aid all child sponsorship efforts by bringing charities together onto one digital crowdfunding platform.

This provides every charitable organisation with the means to get more children sponsored.

And for charitable individuals, we offer you the widest network of child sponsorship opportunities available - all within a seamless, no-nonsense user experience.

Our vision is that no child goes unsupported.