Your most frequent questions about the Children, answered!

Between 89-100% or £0.89-1.00 of every £1. Depending on whether the donor pays for the additional administration fees.

The fees include website development, administration, payment processor and sending money overseas. By helping cover these, you ensure we get 100% of your donation to the child. 

Mostly, because payment processor and overseas remittance services charge us. We don’t like it, but bills need paying. 

  1. For every donation we receive into our account, our payment processor charges us 1.4 – 3.4%. That’s £0.01 – 0.04 of every £1.
  2. For every donation sent to children overseas, remittance services charge us £1 – 5, depending on the amount sent.
  3. Our staff and volunteers do not receive pay. They work for free because they love to give and support. 
  4. Marketing, tools, and other administration. Currently, we do not spend anything on these areas, and any minor costs we pay for out of our own pockets. 
By helping cover these, you ensure we get 100% of the money to the child. 

Generally, those with medical, or health and safety concerns. A tough question to answer indeed, we spend a lot of time ensuring we carefully select the right children first. 

You can view the most in-need children right here. 

If a child is suffering from a medical issue which donations can solve, we start there. Closely followed by children living in dangerous or abusive circumstances.

However, it is of the utmost importance to that education is at the forefront of donations. We always aim to ensure the child is gaining a proper education. 

No, you don’t. If you just want to help anyone with a subscription or one-off donation, you can do that here

When you donate without selecting a child, we do one of two things;

  1. Sponsor the most needy child, often with a medical emergency.
  2. Distribute the funds evenly between the most needy.
  3. Add the funds into a school or classroom pool of funds.

We offer users the ability to choose the child they wish to sponsor because research shows; it crafts healthy bonds between them, more individuals actually make donations, and by seeing each child’s needs, people can relate to struggles faced. 

Lacking in funds to support basic human rights. Usually, in no particular order, children; 

  • That often go without food and water.
  • Have parents who are incapable due to homelessness and illness.
  • That are unable to afford medical treatment.
  • Who are unable to attend school. 

Currently, our focus is countries that have high probabilities of all of these issues such as regions of Africa and Asia.

For example, there are no children currently* available for sponsorship in the UK.

We agree this with the trusted person(s) or charity responsible for the child. They inform us exactly what the circumstances and requirements are. Some children naturally need more than others depending on their situation. Someone with medical issues will need enough funds to cover them for both their health problems and other monthly costs, such as food and school supplies.

We agree a figure which accounts for the costs given the local currency, expenses and availability of required needs.

As each month may differ slightly, some of the donation could be appointed to the child’s family as a means to provide extra comfort. Similarly, an unprecedented month of expenses could mean a months’ donation is not enough, in which case the trusted appointed person(s) may save-up two months of donations in a row in order to afford said requirement.

These amounts can and should be adjusted as circumstances change in the future, to which any sponsor would be informed and offered options.

We appoint trusted persons, schools and charities who regularly report back. We generally have trusted contacts who advise on the trustworthiness of parents, orphanages, schools and guardians. Sometimes, our trusted persons or charity has to control the funds. 

Based on the needs of the child, we’d know very quickly if the money was not being spent accordingly. For instance, if a child required sponsorship for school, and was not attending, the school, charity and/or trusted contact would inform us. 

The money will generally be spent on;

  1. Clean food and water. 
  2. Medical care and sanitation.
  3. School and supplies.

Generally, we find these are the core areas of spend. However, it should be expected that on occasion, spend could be used for;

  • Improving at-home circumstances, like reading lights.
  • Emergencies and natural disasters, like earthquakes.
  • Setting up a sustainable income, like crops.

Remember, the child receives between 89-100% or £0.89-1.00 of every £1. Depending on whether the donor pays for the additional administration fees. 

Yes, of course, and they would love it! The children are always so excited to meet new people. We’ve spent a fair amount of time with children in-need, and it usually consists of teaching, fun, games, and pure chaos – they’re kids, and they’re super happy for all the love and support they receive.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not operate ‘visitation’ services ourselves. However, we are happy to provide you with the details and contacts you need to set up a visit. 

Absolutely yes, and they’d be so grateful! The children are always so excited to receive a gift. Remember, most of these children don’t have much. Anything is a blessing to them.

Send gifts via our platform! Navigate to our gift section (in the menu) where you can choose from a selection of adorable friendship bracelets to send to your sponsored child. Not only will the child receive their new bracelet together with a card, you will also be sent the same bracelet to ensure you both match! By customising design, shape and colour this will without a doubt be a very special item to connect the two of you from different parts of the world.

Should you wish to send your own gift we can provide you with the details and contacts you need to ensure gifts are sent and received properly.

Usually, gifts would be sent to the appointed trusted persons, school or charity in order to ensure the child’s safety.

Generally, this is up  to you. We absolutely encourage you to sponsor anyone in need for as long as you can, child, adult or otherwise.

We believe that when you sponsor a child, you should aim to continue support all the way through to completing high-school. Or, the equivalent educational level in their residing country.

In many cases, people naturally build up a relationship and want to support them much further along in their lives.

We would never intentionally drop a sponsor or donations for someone who is still in need. However, we tend to find that by the time high school is over, they have been educated and accommodated enough that they can enter into a safe, reliable, living situation and function in society.

Furthermore, by the time a child is entering their late-teens / adulthood, there are a lot more opportunities for grants facilitating support or higher education.

If you can no longer sponsor a child who still needs sponsoring, we will add them back onto the website for renewed chance of support. 

Your most frequent questions about, answered!

We search for and on-board charities, so their children stand a better chance of sponsorship.

Mostly, our system is automated. However for your benefit, this is what is happening behind the scenes in a few simple steps; 

  1. We connect with trusted sources; usually charities, schools or vetted, charitable individuals.
  2. We collect data and profile the children.
  3. We agree and set-up a safe and secure payment funnel, to ensure no penny is wasted.
  4. We add the children and they get sponsored by you, our wonderful supporters.
  5. Upon successful sponsorship, donations are funnelled to the trusted sources for final distribution.

Outside of this we also working on; progression reports, accounting reports, visitations, gift-sending, and so much more. 

As it currently stands, only verified charities. However, the mid-term plan is to enable anyone and everyone to gain sponsorship for their children in-need.

At this moment we do not have an intelligent digital verification system. This means, any child you see on the website ready for sponsorship has been found, verified, and visited by us manually.

In many cases, we know the leaders of the charities and their well-established good works are clear to see. 

No, but don’t be concerned. Neither, or are charities either. This is how it works… 

Charities and Non-profits are legal company structures which impose restrictions – both positive and negative – on the company and its set up. By remaining a ‘normal’ Limited company, we open up a lot of partnership opportunities to expand faster, gain additional investment, and allow for a more powerful impact for children globally. is a tech-for-good company. A term brought to prominence over the last couple of decades. 

This means that we build technology for the greater good, and in our case that’s a global child sponsorship platform, bringing together all charities. 

So you’re probably thinking, does profit from donations?

No. Not from donations. When you donate or sponsor a child, we ensure all of it goes to the child – minus any applicable fees. 

We try to make a profit from other activities, such as partnerships with brands or other charities. However, any profit made is reinvested into bettering our platform. 

Profit is not our game, helping is. 

Quite young. Our journey began in 2014, however the website was launched mid-2018.

Our fresh approach to the industry is changing the game. Labelled the ‘’ of child sponsorship.