Ahmad A


About me

Hey, I’m Ahmad and I live in Indonesia. I think cats are the best animals, and I love to play with my motorcycle toy.


My parents are both jobless and can’t support me – a common problem in Indonesia. I suffer from asthma and other allergies which affects my ability to breathe properly. At 3 years old, I am unable to speak like others my age, I want to learn but it is still a little difficult.


Lombok, Indonesia.

What does being sponsored mean to me?

It’s nice that people show they care and love me. Your support will allow me to go to school, eat 3 meals every day and get the medical supplies I need.



What are the main problems I face?

Sadly, there are a number of difficulties I face every single day. Whether I will eat dinner tonight, or go to school tomorrow, I just don’t know. The main issues where I live are:

Children often go without food or water

Medical care & supplies are rarely available

Parents are incapable due to illness & jobs

Kids miss out on school due to costs

Mosquito bites could mean aids or malaria

By donating, you give me a chance. One shot is all I need.